New Storage Building

New Storage Building

TATA volunteers collaborated on a storage unit design, its construction, the location and installation located at the Tatamagouche Trailhead, Station Road. 

The new 24 x 32 storage building sits on a concrete pad, with a metal roof and walls. This unit will store TATA equipment used to maintain the 26-kilometre trail from the Pictou County line to the Cumberland County line. 

Big thanks to volunteers John Pankhurst who acted as project lead, and to Lee Patriquin, the lead carpenter.   The location was assessed, a functional and durable building was designed, supplies ordered, and a dedicated group of volunteers signed up and got the job done in the month of November.  

More than 420 VOLUNTEER HOURS went into the completion of the building.  All thanks to John and Lee, Rob Evans, John Brookbank, Bob Perrin, Carlon MacCallum, Jeff Williams, Philip Johnson, and Jerry Sunderland.  A fun job well done!!

Volunteering is a great way to connect with your community and to bring value to an organization.  TATA is always looking for volunteers whether it is helping maintain the trail, remove a fallen tree, spring clean-up, walk or ride the trail to assess after heavy rain or wind, install signs, write grants, or become a board member.  

If you are interested in volunteering and / or becoming a member of our association, please email us at [email protected]