Trail Closure – Fiona Update, October 12, 2022


Hurricane Fiona Update

The Butter Trail section of the Short Line Trail is closed to all traffic between the Highway 6 crossing west of  Tatamagouche, and the Creamery Square access.  Gates will be closed and your cooperation appreciated.

TATA volunteers are currently addressing erosion issues in the Tatamagouche Bay, particularly in the French River bridge area and farther west.   In addition, there are windfall concerns all along the trail, a potential hazard to ALL users. Until these trees are down, and tripping hazards removed, consider it unsafe!!

Several groups, mostly volunteers, are and will continue working in this area.  The earliest we expect to see an Engineer on the trail regarding the erosion is next week.  As you know Fiona has caused wide spread damage to our surrounding area and many professional sectors are trying to keep up with the demand for assistance.

Others areas of the trail are impassable.  A group of volunteers is clearing trees between the #6 west to Slade Road.  There are walls of downed trees and progress is slow.  East of the Highway 6, past the Jim Sutherland Road crossing, the trail is blocked. All areas are being monitored and its possible heavy equipment will be necessary for the removal of trees along the trail.

This is an inconvenience to all users!!

For the safety of all concerned, we ask for the cooperation of all trail users until the trail is cleared and a final inspection is done.

Thank you!

Tatamagouche Area Trails Association